16:9 version of "Call + Response: 25 Years of Internet Security"
This short documentary tells the story of cyber security from 1990 to 2015. Folded into this story is the founding and development of the RSA Conference, whose growth not only parallels the history of cyber security but in many ways defines it. The project was originally developed in two formats: 7:1 (10,400 pxls x 1080 pxls) for event presentation and 16:9 standard HD for the web. 
Client: RSA Conference/Bruce Porter & Associates

2016 W3 Awards
Gold Winner in Events and Live Webcasts 
Gold Winner in Branded Content: Promotional/Branding
7:1 version (10,400x1080 pxls) of "Call + Response: 25 Years of Internet Security"  (double click to view fullscreen) 

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