Marketing To Girls And Young Women

In selling makeup and beauty products to girls and young women, it’s crucial to respect the sophistication of the plugged in media consumer. This is an audience who has total and complete access to many levels of information, from celebrity and online influencers to the entire historical archive of Vogue magazine. Their knowledge ranges across media: print, online, video, meme culture. It is a mistake to underestimate their sophistication. Setting the bar too low when advertising to girls and young women, may be a big mistake.
Their media experience has groomed this audience into experiencing beauty and fashion as creative self expression. When they watch something sophisticated, they experience the spot as a sharing of insider knowledge, as a story in which they are the hero. Even a young girl will respond to this equation: by liking a product, she is an insider in a very complex and beautiful world in which women can do anything, be anything and become anyone they want.
This is the driving force of the new “Ultimate Basics” (Urban Decay) product launch video, directed by Tamar Levine and produced by cyberia media. In this spot, Ultimate Basics cosmetics become the means by which a girl or woman simultaneously becomes a model, an artist and a work of art.
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